Who cheats more: Men vs. Women

There is always a perception that men cheats more than women, and that it is fine. When it comes to cheating, the two tend to have different reasons behind. Men, regardless if there are in a relationship, say sex is sex and if a new woman gives motive, they will grab it. They do it, sometimes without any emotional attachment to the mistress, because it is in their nature. They likely to cheat to satisfy their lust, pride, and sexual cravings.

Once their partner discovers the infidelity, they can easily escape out of it because for them, cheating is something that is primarily for sexual concern and will not affect their current relationship. In fact, if you are going to ask men that are in a relationship, they will tell you that they are happy with their partners. In fact, despite their infidelity, they have no intention of ending their current relationship.

Porn sites, for example, are built for men because they likely to satisfy their sexual cravings and focus more on sexual acts rather than feelings. Same thing when they cheat, they like the sex rather than the attachment.


Whereas women, when they cheat, there is usually an element of attachment, intimacy, and connection. They cheat maybe due to lack of attention, romance, sense of comfort, and more from their men. The word “cheating” is something so heavy that they do not easily jump to any kind of infidelity unless their situation is pushing them to do so. They won’t cheat unless they feel unhappy and if something emotional is lacking inside them. Plus, society raised women in a thinking that when a man cheats, he will lose nothing, while when a woman cheats, she will lose everything including her dignity.

So clear to say, men cheat more than women because they only care for their sexual satisfaction unlike women.

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