What to do when you’re not attracted to your wife anymore?

What happens if you’re not attracted to your wife or your significant other anymore? It’s a really hard topic for a lot of people.

Attraction can come and go and fizzle out over time in relationships. The longer you’re with somebody, a lot of times attractions can alter and change. But this type of situation does happen especially if you’re in a relationship for over a long time. You become less and less attracted to your significant other, and that can impact the intimacy and the feeling of connection in your relationship.

So what can you do about it if that happens? Because a lot of times, they can be really heartbreaking to not be attracted to your wife anymore. But there are things that you can do to help increase the attraction again.


There’s a difference between physical attraction and emotional attraction. Self-reflect and figure out exactly what the lack of attraction has to do with it. Is it physical or emotional? Or is it both? It’s important to self-reflect on the relationship to see if there are other aspects that aren’t working for you. If couples work on the emotional aspects of their relationship, oftentimes, the physical attraction does increase.

Talk About It

We don’t say talk to your wife and blame her for not feeling attracted to her, but it’s good to have a dialogue about these things, an authentic healthy communication with your other half. It’s important to bring that up because maybe your partner has let herself go over time and they don’t even realize it. When you talk about it and you’re open about it, which creates a connection that is still within you.

Go Out Together

Go out and do fun activities together. Go on those dates, enjoy yourselves and be carefree. A lot of times we can get really stressed up and wrapped up into other emotional things that create this feeling of just not wanting to be physical. But if we’re stress-free, loose and feeling good, sometimes that equate to having more of that physical connection as well.

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