How often should a couple be having sex?

How often should a couple be having sex is a question that can have so many different answers.

Honestly, couples do not need to count or plan how many times they need to have sex in a day, a week, or a month. Typically, a couple should have spontaneous sex and should do it whenever they both agree. Having no time for sex can destruct a relationship because sex is already in human’s blueprint since the beginning. It is like a solid ground for the relationship because it fortifies the mind, the heart and the body of both parties. So, does it means that having sex often is like building a super solid foundation?

Scientifically, there are studies that show that couples who have sex once a week are the happiest. It says that they are more bonded and they seem to fulfill more of their partner’s needs physically and emotionally.

But reality speaking, there is no normal number of how much a couple should have sex in a week or a month because every couple are different, and of course, everyone is in different situations. One factor of frequency of having sex is the age. When you are younger, your body is active in sex. Your happy hormones are kicking in every now and then, making you feel you want sex almost every day.


But as you grow older as a couple, your bodies are getting less active and your life is getting busier, therefore, sex is becoming less of a priority. But this doesn’t mean you are not satisfied with your twice or once a month sex life. It is just that, unlike before, having sex is not in your top priority anymore. Having sex once or twice a month is still normal as long it keeps you bonded as a couple and you can still fulfill each other’s needs.

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